A unique and meaningful visual system which integrates the brand and the product as a single, lead by an elegant and distinctive symbol.

Focusing on the high-end diamond and jewelry industry, the brand asked us to create a brand identity able to consistently integrate the future brand visuals and the new products. In response, starting from the element of the diamond, we designed a visual system which unifies the brand concepts and values and clearly expresses the visual quality of the products.

The form of the logo evolved from the classic serif to a brand distinctive one, carrying the elegant and noble genes.

The bronzing on the black leather intensifies the noble, mysterious temperament of the brand.

The modified diamond graphics integrate the packaging and other brand visual materials, providing a continuous and consistent brand image.

The extensions of the diamond graphics eventually give shape to the unique image of the fox, which represents the independent and charming character of the premium modern women.

The running fox possess rigorous and elegant characteristics, bringing a unique and stylish quality to the brand and to the product.