Unwind and reflect: building the brand of a unique Taoism-themed resort in Eastern China.

Zi Yun Xuan Qing is a Chinese resort for healthy living located at the famous Taoism sacred Mt. Maoshan. In Tao Te Ching, Laozi expresses “Tao” through the medium of the water, holding the view that the water flows downwards, removing dirt and filth. Therefore, we chose to build the entire brand identity starting from that element. We then embodied the cultural values of Taoism in all the visual elements of the space in order to create an immersive and consistent brand experience.

The inspiration for a dynamic, fluid and able-to-adapt symbol comes from the water, an element deeply connected with Taoism.

Asian people have a complex understanding of Nature. In its cultural sense it corresponds to the spirit and the inner realm of mind.

The design of the space and of all the visual elements enables people to settle down and think, echoing the core objectives of Taoism.