A water bottle, specially designed for children living in rural areas, which encourages them to drink and to signal their presence in case of a dangerous situation.

The concept for this CocaCola promotional product was based on a deep understanding of the target users and their contexts, such as the children living in Chinese, not yet developed, rural areas. Through a careful observation of their drinking habits and selection of the materials, we created a new interaction experience with a simple but, at the same, functional product, able to catch the interest and imagination of the children.

The tail of the bird is the mouth of the bottle. The tilt opening and the squeezable body are all about facilitating the children’s drinking experience.

The living condition of the rural areas is poor and sometimes even dangerous. The integrated whistle function is much more than a simply entertaining object: it also serves as SOS tool.

The simple and direct product design style highlights the concept of the bottle and its use.

The project was focused on the children’s drinking habits and living environment from the very beginning of the design process.