Brand identity of a high-end fitness studio for women located in downtown Shanghai.

Vision, Independence and Specialty are the reflection of the elegance and independence represented by the contemporary elite women. Based on these three concepts, we generated a strong brand identity with an innovative, dynamic and modern graphic style. The combination of the connotations represented by the letters creates an iconic and unique brand logo, while the visual extension provides unlimited possibilities for the brand applications.

The design of the brand resulted into an integrated brand visual system with unique style, making the brand stand out with an extraordinary quality.

The brand visual extensions are based on the graphic features of the brand letters. Different lines stand for a distinct connotation of the brand.

In digital media, the motion graphic expresses a unique brand visual, characterized by a strong personality and vibrancy.

The applications of the graphic elements are rich and diversified, making the brand complete and unique.

The colors and the brand visuals perfectly represent the elegant and independent style of the contemporary elite women.

The expression of the brand identity is not only in the visual aspect. The application of the texture and details advanced the brand products with elegancy and quality.