An interactive paper-based visual introduction to the brand’s contents, values and vision, creatively and inspiringly rendered.

The book is characterized by different colors, representing the book’s different contents. Each of this content or section has distinctive and unique design features which, by respecting the layout, the size and the material, create a reading rhythm rich in variations and a deeply interesting and interactive reading experience.

The clean and simple outer box creates an interesting visual contrast with the colorful inner books so that to make the reading more interesting.

The book structure provides different brand patterns for different contents. Diverse expressions are rendered for different content attributes with respect to layout, size and materials.

The design of the book also generates some additional materials, such as the postcards, which bring the enjoyment for a more interactive reading.

In addition, the rich and interesting elements such as the stickers, the postcards, etc., showcase the brand connotation with fun and creativity.