Regeneration of a famous traditional brand into a younger, vibrant and more effective brand identity.

The ten years old cookies brand Adoodoo was eager to refresh its brand’s image to reach the new and young market. As the top 1 wedding-cookies selling brand in China, the old and traditional brand communication style and visual was struggling to meet the style of younger customers. Therefore, we created a new modern and fresh brand image, based on iconic brand elements, able to build an effective and consistent communication with the new targets.

The intervention on the brand logo put the basis for the creation of a unique and meaningful visual language, which makes the brand younger and modern.

The brand visual have been integrated by a consistent graphic language.

The extracted icons have enormous potential for extension, making the brand alive and exciting.

The new brand visual is simple and straightforward, providing a strong identity to the brand.

Eventually, the design of the brand not only improved the brand image, but it also resulted into a unique brand language, which is ABB.

The innovative brand language brings great fun to the brand and provides more possibilities for future applications.