Nothing can better convey greetings (and rice) as a rice bag celebrating auspicious harvests with traditional symbols and the double fish character!

Fengfan is a young brand, which supplies organic local farm products, aiming at celebrating and promoting the traditional farming culture from the village to the city. Culture, reuse and portability are the keywords for this 10kg rice packaging design. The one-piece bag design does not only simply emphasize the shape of the double-fish character, but its two sides structure also balances the weight, making the packaging more comfortable and flexible to carry.

Every year, as is tradition, during the harvest season farmers say to each others “年年有余(鱼)” (fish every year), which stands for abundance and represents an auspicious wish for an abundant next-season harvest.

The rice package can be easily carried in different ways and, differently from the usual packagings, it is also visually appealing.

The visual design presents interesting details, including the rice grains in the scale and the seedlings in the fins.