Gift box celebrating the renovation of the Jade Buddha Temple, a Buddhist shrine across China, located in downtown Shanghai.

In 2017, the three-years temple renovation project entered into a critical period: The Great Buddha's Hall as well as the Buddha statues and artifacts inside moved 30.66 meters northward along the axis, within 16 days. This translation broke several engineering records and represented a milestone in both the history of engineering and of monastic architecture. We had the honorable task to design a memory of the happenings, celebrating the new temple opening.

"Offering" means helping others practicing and contributing to others’ accomplishments and it is also a symbol of blessings and merits.

The structure of the red envelope recalls the astonishing temple relocation: the flipping opening recalls the temple translation and the writing grid lines recall the axis along which the temple was translated.

Tile is one of the most characteristic elements of monastic architecture, a classic cultural symbol, echoing the theme of temple renovation.

Each red envelope is embedded with a sandalwood card on which the Buddhist terms and relevant meanings are printed.