A Canola oil bottle, connecting the traditional cultural brand essence with the modern aesthetic language of its audience.

FŪLU in Chinese stands for calabash and has a profound cultural meaning. The term also recalls the concepts of auspiciousness and bounty. We chose this object as the key symbol for the brand, expressing the values of respect for the tradition and for the nature. The whole bottle displays traditional colors and curvy sensual lines to echo the modern and young positioning of the brand. The curves also perfectly express the function of carrying.

Calabash (Fu Lu) has the tone of blessing and good fortune in Chinese, endowed profound concepts of auspiciousness and bounty.

FULU not only gives the auspicious meaning to the product, but it also provides an innovative and comfortable experience of use, thanks to its shape.

The tone to tone matching of the materials expresses the elegant and exquisite quality of the product.

The purer the design methods applied, the more harmonious the product and package are integrated.

The innovative design provides a quality lifestyle and a better life, which meets the goal of the brand.