We reinvented the way to enjoy the chocolate. Our cities’ geometric matrixes are natural pieces of art which can be experienced and enjoyed differently.

[chocolat] is a cooperation experimental project with the chocolate brand AMENO. The creative and disruptive thinking pushed us to break the old and dull image of the chocolate and to bring more fun and meanings to it. For the city series, we focused on the fascinating geometric patterns of very famous cities, hence creating unique chocolate art pieces, extremely evocative to see and intriguing to taste.

The city composition brings different characteristics to the city itself. In particular its matrix became the inspiration of this project.

The different features of the city meet the different flavors of the chocolate, such as matcha, strawberry, white, dark and original.

The new products create a completely new and delightful experience of tasting the chocolate.

Through graphic adjustments, each city’s geometric matrix has been rendered delicately.

The new product offers a unique and delightful experience beyond the usual plain tasting, usually only done with the mouth.

The back of the package shows the main landmarks of the city so that to add another level of interaction with the product.