Interpreted the brand value through a strong symbol which integrated the culture and the brand core.

Ki is a high-tech medical brand from Japan that specializes in stem cell therapy. The brand requested for a completely new image that is able to reflect its superiority in the medical field along with its multifaceted technological capability, and also able to establish its subtle and pure cultural characteristics, which is derived from its Japanese origin. Their core technology of stem cell therapy has the effect of delaying aging and enhancing immune system. The visual idea came from the symbol which would occur when a character is resurrected or got an energy boost in Japanese anime. Based on the symbol, we developed new meanings that can relate to the brand: time, bloom, rebirth and continuation continuity and, thus a simple and pure logo became the brand’s vision, which contains a deeper meaning and a broader interpretation. The simple design and the diverse connotations are expressed in a very refined vocabulary, which reinforced the brand culture and created a unique and recognizable brand image.