Creating a new experience of tasting the grapes, starting from its most exterior peel.

Grape always tastes sweet and sour, giving us a tasty and juicy enjoyment. Particularly upon being peeled, it is mouthwatering. From this, we creatively empowered and inspired that feeling so that to arise the appetite of tasing delicious grapes, starting from its packaging. The creative illustration of peeling not only brings a unique opening experience of the product but it also endows the brand name with a strong connotation.

That exceptional sensation of peeling off the grapes and taste it is what inspired the entire design process.

The box opening echos the peeling of the grape: it’s the opening of the taste.

Peeling became a design language, which applied to the whole series design of the product line.

For the postcards, the peeling gesture expresses a sweet and warmhearted affection.

The gift calendar also highlights the unique action of peeling, which makes it fun and playful.