Young innovative brand identity for a new one-stop maternity and infant service brand, aiming at entering the China's high-end maternity and infant market.

To give the brand a young, fashionable and high-end orientation, we embodied its new image through all the brand elements, starting from the word o2. We interpreted it as something which accompanies the baby along his entire development, exactly like oxygen. We played with that word, by reversing and repeating it, so that to imply the cross-age and one-stop service business model of the brand and its innovative and fresh style.

In the visual extension of the brand, we shows a unique visual effect through repeating the logo, inspired from the brand concept.

The repetition of the logo not only becomes a distinctive feature of the brand, but it also presents a joyful brand image.

The motion graphics complete the brand identity and its expressions in a meaningful and interesting way.

The brand distinctive colors can perfectly be applied to different aspects of the brand and for the brand extensions.

According to the theme of the brand, a wide series of joyful visual products was also designed.

The creative application on the brand visuals provided a unique and interesting quality to the different products, at the same time integrated them with a consistent brand identity.

These products, resembling different brand features, also become creative and efficient ways to promote the brand.

The extension of the brand is not only presented through images. Any future related product can be adapted to the brand features.