Brand Identity of a distinctive modern farm products brand. Sometimes it is all about changing perspective.

Starting from the keywords of return to the origin and perspective, we explored the essence of the classic Chinese character and we got an intuition. By rotating the Chinese word Feng(丰) so that to resembles the classic Song font, we obtained a strong, meaningful and generative symbol whose applications well adapt to multiple formats and uses.

The logo has a traditional style with a symmetrical shape, which highlights the iconic visuals.

Differently from the norm, the old and dull green color was not chosen to represent the brand since it was already been the color for farm or green products for too long.

The extracted symbol is like the shoots growing from the earth. It represents the nature and breeding.

The brand symbol got the delicate and unique visual application capability for the brand materials.

The ending of the stroke becomes an interesting and meaningful brand symbol, which can be integrated in many different media.

The iconic symbol of the logo has been a unique mark for the brand product packaging.