A fantastic natural material, processed as artwork and turned into a precious aromatic vinegar, whose packaging reflects at best its roots in Chinese culture and traditions.

Wang Xizhi, China's famous ancient calligraphy master, once took a plate of vinegar served by his wife as ink to practice calligraphy. Taking inspiration from this story, we likened the aromatic vinegar to the ink to highlight the profound cultural charm of vinegar and to intensify the noble humanistic value of the product, just as a calligraphy artwork. Black and gold are the dominant colors of the overall vision experience, against which the noble quality of the product is revealed as a gift.

Vinegar is an essential element on our dinning table, same as the ink for calligraphy. They also share many similar qualities.

The concept inspired by the ancient story raises the value of the product as an artwork like calligraphy.

The logo of the brand is used as a seal resembling the mark of a calligraphy artwork.

The accessory of the vinegar plug is also a seal, which provides an interesting and playful experience while using the product.

The whole package design not only improves the value of the product, but it also provides a very special experience of use.