Through intriguing observations, design took out the unique feature of the product usage scenario, created an entertaining and unique product experience.

Traditional grape packagings commonly use imagery of grapes to express the fresh and deliciousness. Even though this is the most straight-forward way to present the product quality, it’s still over used. The goal of this design is to present the product in an innovative way, in order to resonate with the customers give them a different experience.
People have been cultivating grapes for centuries, it has always been one of the most loved fruits, because of its juiciness and sweet-sour flavor. Especially when you peel it, the way of that juice dripping down, and the translucent pulp is almost gem-like. It is mouth watering. That’s where we drew our inspiration. We magnified the joy one feels when peeling grapes, the kind of joy brought by opening something you’ve been longing. By applying that excitement onto the packaging design, we made the opening to be an easy-tear to match up with the same experience. With this packaging design, not only it gives the customers a unique user experience, but also gives the brand a unique identity. The whole product line and the surrounding is all use the same action, which make traits clear and fun. In the mean time, graphic design has maintained a modern and lively style , strengthened the young and contemporary brand position.

The satisfying sensation of peeling off the grapes is what inspired the entire packaging design.

Peeling became a design language, the whole product line and the related merchandises all use the same action.